Hello! My name is Ginny Wortz, owner of EVANSVILLE PET SITTERS. My husband Mike and I reside on the north side of Evansville.  We have three children, six grandchildren and six fur-babies!
Once we experienced the “empty nest” it all allowed time to pursue the expansion of my Pet Sitting business – a labor of love!      
Mike is retired and assists me with the business. He enjoys taking care of the big dogs but has also proved to be excellent at scooping litter boxes! 
We are growing! I am proud to announce that due to a large client referral base, the business has expanded and we have added additional sitters!
I look forward to the continued growth of my business and I’d love to earn your trust providing services to you and your pets!
Thank you for visiting and considering 
Evansville Pet Sitters!
Ginny Wortz
Meet our pack…
“ALLEY” Adopted from Williams County, Tennessee Shelter (a client adopted his sister and brother)
“AGGIE” adopted from Evansville Animal Control
“ANNIE” Adopted from VHS (with Mike) “ANDY” Adopted from: Pay It Forward Rescue, Henderson, KY
UGA1 Wortz’s Wonder “STEEVEE” CG, O-TG-N, NAC, NJC, TN-N, CGC  
    (Patterdale Terrier) (passed in 2014)
Spring Rain Sweet Dreams “Minnie” JE, CG, CGC 
   (Parsons Russell Terrier)
Princess Ann Bennett, CGC, (JRT-X All American)
I LOVE LUCY, RN, CGC,    (Beagle)
AND our newest babies…
GRACIE: adopted from a client who found out a family member was allergic to cats.  I had left in the notes that “Gracie wanted to live with me” and she took me up on it! Sweetest, softest cat ever. BUT found out she does not like other female cats! She lived with two beagles.
PINNIE, the min-in, adopted from a client who had to enter a nursing home.  We were hired to walk this little sweetie while she was in a Retirement Community Apartment.  Walked ‘lil girl 3x/day until her mom had to go to hospital and then nursing home. We take her to visit her mom! Now she is our little “PINNY”.  
Before our busy pet sitting business…
We enjoyed participating in earthdog events including go-to-ground, barn hunts, lure coursing, racing, obedience, and agility events. We were active members of the Evansville Obedience Club, Agility Club of Evansville, Blue Grass Working Terriers, Missouri Working Terriers. 
My dogs have earned titles, awards and have we have had a blast participating in these events!
Meet the pack & family:
Spring Rain Sweet Dreams, JE, CG, CGC
Parson Russell Terrier
I Love Lucy, RN, CGC

Wortz’s Wonder CG, O-TG-N, NAC, NJC, TN-N, CGC

Patterdale Terrier
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Patterdale Agility
In response to those who disapprove of a fine hunting dog like this doing agility…he was rescued from someone who had no regard for the health and care of him. The dog is titled in many earthdog ev…
(on her wedding day)
All American
(rescue from Evansville Animal Control)