All of our clients are “stars” but R2 is our first
“movie star”!

“Having never left R2 with anyone other than family we were a little hesitant.  Now all our worries are gone!  We found R2 happy and healthy on our return!”     P. Muth

You always give them such special attention with the nice long walks and the ear rubs.  I will always remember the special treatment you gave our 16 year old dog Toby, carrying him up and down the stairs and giving him all of his many medicines in what would be one of his last weeks of his life and how you helped me work through my grief shortly after when he passed away. 
Thank you for being a friend to all of our family. whether we have two or four legs.”   — Dana & Buddy Bauer Family

Eli, Blue, Briar, Beatrice, Crowder, & Lucky. Toby is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

“Thank you so much for making Rocco’s transition from me being home with him to going back to work so smoothly! Your extra help working with him walking on the leash now allows us to take him for nice walks, twice a day at only 9 weeks old! He is never anxious when we get home and believe that’s due to his afternoon potty break! Thanks so much Ginny – we look forward to continue to work with you!”
Rocco’s humans, Mallory Hedden & Alan Tomczykowski
Rocco visited for a weekend at our house.  BIG puppy fun!!
“Thank you so very much for all that you did while we were gone. You go ‘way beyond the call of duty’ & we appreciate your kindness and great care
– Kathleen & Barry
“Thanks for your kind, loving attention you gave our pets. We knew they would be in good hands because of your pre-planning attention to details.  We are sure we will call you again and recommend you to friends.” — Jenny Wurchner
Georgia says “LETS PLAY BALL”!
Dudley says, “Yes, that was me in the Disney movie”!
Gus & Gracie rule this house!
Miley loved her day camp! Ginny was very nice and Miley was excited to see her everyday. She was also excited to see what activities were in store for the day! Thank you so much!
Ashley Lane

(From Missouri, visiting Evansville on business. Our Pet Taxi picked her up at the hotel in the morning and returned her to mom after her daily meetings were over .)

“Thanks for your time and attention spent with Reggie & Ferris — they must really like you as usually Ferris hides from anyone but me — but you even got a photo of him!”
Stacy Newton, Newburgh
Chestnut              Cheddar                 Peanut
“Your attention to detail was impeccable. We were able to focus on our trip
knowing our 3 guinea pigs and dwarf hamster were receiving the royal treatment.
Great job! Thanks again.”

– Rick Clawson & family, Evansville      

  Dwarf Hamster