Service Standards and Expectations:

Evansville Pet Sitters maintains a high level of professionalism in handling and providing service for the pets and homes we are hired to care for. The listings below are some of the standards we adhere to, allowing us to provide a high quality service for our clients. These listings can be added to or eliminated at any time by the owner of the company. EPS provides loving care, respect and comfort including but not limited to the following:

Completes all assignments we accept.

Maintain alertness to the sitters safety as well as the animals.

Provide food and fresh water (tap, bottled, filtered per client’s instruction), to all pets in the home.

Food bowl are washed with hot water/detergent before filling. Water bowls are washed in hot water/detergent in the AM and refreshed/cleaned as necessary throughout the day.

Check and lock doors upon entering and exiting clients home.

Have dogs leashed when out of home enclosed area.

Get and maintain 2 entry methods (2 keys or code entry with backup key).

Check for and clean up pet messes, using clients cleaning supplies and instructions.

Maintain a scooped litter box.

Leave daily notes and reports for clients.

Maintain the confidentiality of clients, home and its contents, business, and travel plans.

Maintain active information on pets and their care.

Call the police upon any suspicious occurrences at the home, including finding people or cars not belonging there, or evidence of tampering with the home.

Maintain a lived in look according to client’s instructions.

Leave additional lights on if sitter’s safety is in question.

Wipe food preparation areas and sweep up crumbs and litter, leaving home in as good or better condition as client left it.

Update clients per their instructions on how their pets are responding to our care.

Pick up the waste of the animals in our care whether in public or private areas. Restrain dogs from drinking in puddles in the street.

What Evansville Pet Sitters Routinely Does Not Do:

Sitters do not take chances with their safety nor the pets in their care.

Visit animals every other day, nor ignore some animals while in the home.

Lock keys in the house after service ends.

Hide keys or use hidden keys other than in an emergency.

Allow dogs outside of client’s property without a leash, crate or other appropriate restraint.

Flush litter even when clients do.

Change pets diets without permission from client or upon Vet instructions.

Go through client’s mail unless expressly requested to do so.

Check answer machines unless expressly requested to UNLESS a pet is missing.

Tell neighbors/others when or where clients are or when they will return.

“We are just helping out” is our usual answer.

Call the client for instruction unless there is a serious problem that we can not handle or the client expresses a request to be called.

Walk dogs in packs.

Accept responsibility for unsupervised pets in invisible fences.

Push entering the home of an “iffy” dog that is unwilling to let us care for it.

Remove pet from home without permission other than in an emergency.

Depend only on a garage door opener to access the house.

Discuss clients, their pets, home or travel plans in public in any manner that could identify them.

Leave pets that need to be let out to potty for longer than 8 hours between visits.

Allow dogs to drink from the street on walks.